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Date: 8th August 2018
Electric Tools Automatic Balancing Correction Machine Two-station
Technical data of Electric tools Automatic balancing correction machine? Two-stationAdvantage: 1.Optimized test systems,Website:http://www.balancemachines.com, high precision, dynamic and static balance consistency. Once reduction rate is higher.2.Easy to replace product,Only need to replace products fixture and adjust sensor position 3.Man-Machine interface,It has memory function for production capacity and real-time production information 4.Rigidity structure design,with a longer use life5.Simple, easy to use and maintain.?1.Technical data:ItemsDetailsTypeTwo-station ( sigle cutter)?MaincomponentsconfigurationCylinder & Solenoid valve: SMC, New-EraServo motor: MitsubishiSensor: KEYENCE,BaumerHMI:KEYENCE 10.4"Control PLC: KEYENCE KV-1000Stepping motor: Oriental MotorArmature DiameterArmature?below 1.6KGStack lamination: 20-70mmArmature diameter: ?25-40mm(type ?)Armature diameter: ?35-50mm(type ??Balancing speed1500-2200rpmMilling methodR-shapePowerAC380VAir supply0.4~0.6MpaCycle time13~20S (profile milling)Residual unbalanceeccentricityBetter than the national standard Grade 6.3Volume(length x width x height)?1700 x 850 x 1550 mm2.Major components list:NameSpecificationsRemarkBrandPneumatic ComponentMH rotation cylinderCRA1BS63-180CMH rotation componentSMCMH?cylinderHP06-18-S-T8370C ? ? ??New-EraWay valveVP4 ? ? ??SMCLCD touch? panel10.4" ? ? ??KEYENCEMH up/down? cylinderMDB63X70-S ? ? ??SMCPress cylinderCDQ2-80X120Hold armatureSMCMotorMain MotorABB M2QA 80MDrive Head-stock?Servo motor ? ? ??The vertical/horizontal feed motorMitsubishiServo motor?The vertical/horizontal feed motorMitsubishiStep motor ? ? ??Drive rotation clawOriental MotorStep motor?The horizontal feed motorMitsubishiSensorLaser sensorE3Z-T81ATesting / Fixture?Laser sensorPZ-GWorkbenchKEYENCEProximity? switch ? ? ??DetectorBaumerVibration? sensor?Eddy current sensorZhong hangMain Mechanical ComponentGuide railMSB20S2FCR380-10HorizontalTHKGuide railMSB20S2FCR290-25VerticalTHKGuide railR20-5T4-FST-475-475HorizontalHIWINGuide railR20-5T4-FST-395-475VerticalHIWINCutter ? ? ?? ? ? ??Yong HuaControl UnitPLCKEYENCEControl PLCKV-1000Servo DriverSH-20504?Oriental Motor3.Ambient parametersThe equipment can be used continually and normally in 72 hours under below condition.1. Working temperature:? 5??45?2. Humidity:83?95%RH?+40??,68?74%RH?-15???4.Peripheral partsa) Operation manual and disk.b) Tool boxc) Toolsd) Spare partse)??? ?Application:Power tool motorStart motor,Automotive seat motor,
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